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Saturday 27th June

Stepping Stones Pre School have begun to meet again in our church hall. Admission to the hall is restricted whilst Covid-19 regulations are in place.

What have we decided to do at Church Stretton Methodist Church

Whilst the church is closed, those members on email will be sent audio files of a weekly act of worship with contributions from our Minister Rev. David Lavender, our Local Preachers and members of the congregation.

Pastoral Visiting

Pastoral visitors are asked to telephone before visiting and should ask if there is anything they can do before going.

If any church member requires any help at this time please be in touch by telephone with your Pastoral Visitor.

Church lettings

All church hall lettings have been suspended during the Corona Virus outbreak

Information from the Shrewsbury and Marches Methodist Circuit.

The Shrewsbury & Marches Methodist Circuit are offering various on line or telephone linked acts of worship (see links or information below.)

Rev Richard Hall our Superintendent Minister says:

“Dear Friends,

As the corona virus pandemic continues, I know that many of us are feeling anxious and bewildered. It is hard to believe that we have arrived at a situation where we are essentially confined to our homes. I’m not sure that any of us would have predicted this as little as a month ago. In all this, God’s people have a duty to continue together in fellowship and to hold one another in prayer. I know that many of you are expressing your faith in practical ways, caring for neighbours and offering practical support to the community in which you live. Some are feeling guilty that they are not able to do more. Please know that staying at home and following the advice of the medical profession is in itself an act of service and grace. You could well be saving someone’s life!
None of us know how long these strange circumstances will last, but as long as they do I know that we will continue to support one another in whatever ways we can.

God Bless


Worship & Prayer During the COVID-19 Pandemic Our church buildings have had to close for the time being, but the life of worship, prayer and fellowship continues in the Circuit. None of us have got any clear idea of how long this situation is going to last and it will be very important that we stay in touch with one another to the best of our ability. We’re launching this prayer newsletter as a contribution to enabling mutual support and fellowship across the Circuit. If you don’t want to receive this email in future, please unsubscribe using the link below or email me directly at Prayer requests can be submitted using this form. Feel free to share this email with anyone you think will be interested.
Each Sunday at 10.45 the Circuit are providing a live act of worship via Zoom. The ‘Meeting ID’ is  963 047 616

The Methodist Church Corona Virus Guidance

Friday 13th March at 10:00: updated advice on elderly and vulnerable people attending church

The Methodist Church is monitoring the situation around COVID-19 which at the moment is considered a moderate risk by the UK’s Chief Medical Officer. The Methodist Church has issued the following updated guidance to ensure the risks are reduced, recommending practical precautions to prevent the spread of infection. Should advice from the UK government change these guidelines will be updated, but please look regularly look at the websites listed below for the latest information.

Good hand hygiene is vital in reducing the spread of the virus. Wash hands with soap and water often or use hand sanitiser gel. This is particularly important for servers at Holy Communion.

Should I go to Church?

Older members and those with medical conditions causing weaker health and greater vulnerability should consider not attending church for the time being if they’re worried about infection. This is an act of mutual care and concern, and is not a desire that people ‘give up’ Church.

If you are not an older member and don’t have underlying health conditions, but are feeling ill and/or displaying the symptoms of a cold, please consider staying away from the service.