Caring for God’s World


World in our handsAs a church we have pledged to do all we can to reduce our “carbon footprint” and promote greater awareness of environmental issues.

We pledge to:

1. Introduce regular “Green Top Tips” in newsletters and communications.
2. Through a recent environmental audit reduce the impact our building has on the environment .
3. Use low energy lighting and reduce emissions from our heating system.
4. Use local suppliers for church events to reduce transport costs and emissions.
5. Reduce water consumption.
6. Re-cycle all waste where ever possible.
7. Work towards Eco Church recognition.783198535-poor-nations-won-t-pledge-binding-cuts-bali-un[1]

Where do you get your energy from?

Power stations generate about one quarter of all the U.K’s  emissions of the gasses that cause climate change. Shifting to a generator that uses renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar will send a strong message to the Government. In an initiative from the Christian community, members and churches are being encouraged to switch to electricity from renewable sources. One energy company is even putting gas from anaerobic digestion into their gas supply. This initiative is being spearheaded by Christian Aid and Tearfund. Go to to find out more.

As a church we are again reviewing our carbon emissions and what more we can do to play our part in helping to reduce climate change. At the Annual Members meeting those present completed the Eco Church Audit provided by A Rocha (a Christian Environment Charity.)  Looking at how well our church is doing generated a lot of conversation and helped members really get to grips with environmental issues, both within the church and in their own lives. How well did we do?  Well at present we would gain a Bronze Award – could and must do better, but to give us some encouragement we learnt that York Minster has just gained their Bronze Award – their church ceiling is higher than ours and the building more difficult to heat!! The Environment Group have been asked to draw up a plan to help our church community improve their score.

UP DATE  June 2016

The Church Council have just approved further ideas to  improve the Eco credentials of our church. Watch this space to see how those plans develop. We will list each one as it is implemented.

The Church Eco group have met again and are developing a plan to implement the recommendations of the Church Council. They are looking at aspects of church life under the following headings.

WORSHIP AND TEACHING, keep-calm-and-reduce-your-carbon-footprint-12

MONDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER 2016 .The Church Management Committee  have fully approved the Eco Groups implementation plan to improve our church environmental credentials over the coming year.

All paper products used within the church, loo rolls, kitchen towels and  paper hand towels are already made from recycled paper, we have now added recycled copier paper. Cleaning materials are already Eco brands, and we will shortly include fairly traded hand washing soap. A local arrangement service is planned for September 18th – the theme will be Hope for Planet Earth. Each month a “Prayer for the Environment” will appear on our website and in the church notices.

March 2017 – It has been announced that the past three years are now recorded as the hottest on record!

April Prayer for the Environment

What does our God require of us
But to do justly, Love mercy
And walk humbly with God. (Micha 6:8)

“Lord, help us to face up to this challenge,
Help us to share the bounty of your beautiful world,
But in that sharing help us not to squander its resources,
Help us in our comfortable lives to live more simply,
That others may simply live.”

A Rocha Eco Church update April 2017

The church Eco Group have just recalculated how well we are doing in the Eco Church awards scheme. Great news. We have made further progress in the past year.

WORSHIP AND TEACHING   – up 10 points from 78 to 88 – gold
BUILDINGS                                 – up 16 points from 169 to 185  – bronze (there is little more we can do to improve the energy efficiency of the church building without replacing or secondary glazing all the windows and re roofing to add insulation above the ceiling.
COMMUNITY AND GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT – up 82 points from 58 to 140 silver
LIFESTYLE – up 22 points from 103 to 125 – gold

These latest scores will be submitted to the A Rocha Eco Church project. Watch this space for their response.

Environmental Beatitudes

“Blessed and those who recognise the need to respect and preserve the earth for future generations.”

“Blessed are those who consume moderately the earth’s resources and strive to replenish then – for their children shall inherit the earth.”

July. 1st  2017  American President Donald Trump, who says he believes Climate Change is a hoax has just announced the U.S.A. will pull out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.  America is responsible for 14% of the earth’s carbon emissions….. the author of these notes is too flabbergasted to make any comment.

July 2nd. India has just stated they will increase their efforts to cut their carbon emission and already a number of American states and cities have stated they will resist their Presidents’ denial of human influence on climate change and continue their intentions to cut emissions. The U.K. Government has a legally binding target to cut emissions by 80% by 2050 BUT our Government does not always keep to legally binding targets (as has been the recent case with air quality and pollution.)

More Environmental Beatitudes
June 11th 
“Blessed are those who change light bulbs for low energy ones”
June 25th “Blessed are the facilities enabling us to recycle everything”
July 3rd
“Blessed are those who switch off appliances when not in use “
July 10th “Blessed are those who use the sun’s power to generate electricity”
July 17th “Blessed are those who grow their own food and repair garden tools”
August 7th
“Blessed are those who watch their speed and save petrol and use lower emission car
September 3rd  “Blessed are the facilities which enable us to recycle everything”

GOOD NEWS.  We have been awarded a Silver Award by the A Rocha Eco Church project. Well done everyone …. keep up the good work. This award is not just about our building but also about all of us striving to reduce our individual carbon footprints and live simply so others might simply live.

Sunday 10th September.
“Blessed are the facilities which enable us to recycle everything”
Last Sunday’s service was led by Hilary Hampton (local preacher) who works at the Battlefield Energy Recovery Facility,  where all our black bin and recycling box contents are processed. Tours of this fascinating  centre are available – ring 0903 567 6315 to book a place. If there is sufficient interest (10 – 12 people) we might be able to all go together.

October 30th 2017

The World Meteorological Organisation have announced a surge on C02 levels which will make the Paris Agreement levels unattainable.

2016 saw average concentrations of C02 reach 403.3 parts per million, up from 400 ppm in 2015. It is believed this is caused by a combination of human activities and the El Nino weather effect and C02 levels have now reached a level not seen in 800,000 years.

This steady increase, from just under 320ppm in 1960 is worrying for according to the WMO it could lead to “unpredictable changes in our climate systems … leading to severe ecological and economic disruptions. 

Will Governments take notice or will it be business as usual?

The television series Blue Planet II by David Attenborough has highlighted the growing problem of “plastic pollution.” Will you try and have a “plastic free” week during Lent 2018?

March 1st 2018

A change in direction of the Jet Stream saw  easterly air flow coming from Siberia. Snow, unusually cold temperatures and even isolated communities cut off for several days. An example of “MORE FREQUENT EXTREMES OF WEATHER” perhaps as a result of climate change?