Caring for God’s World

As a church we have pledged to do all we can to reduce our “carbon footprint” and promote greater awareness of environmental issues.

Church Eco News November 2023

We pledge to:

1. Introduce regular “Green Top Tips” in newsletters and communications.
2. Through a recent environmental audit reduce the impact our building has on the environment.
3. Use low energy lighting and reduce emissions from our heating system.
4. Use local suppliers for church events to reduce transport costs and emissions.
5. Reduce water consumption.
6. Re-cycle all waste where ever possible.

A Rocha Eco Award

Our church has gained the Silver Award for it’s environmental credentials. But for the fact that the church building has absolutely no insulation we could have gained the gold award as we made really good progress in all other aspects of the award scheme. We review our progress annually to make sure we maintain our efforts to have as little detrimental impact on the environment as possible.

Church Eco News  Spring 2024

In the weeks before Easter Sunday here are some suggestions from Arocha Eco Church
of things to pray for, perhaps in your garden or as you take a walk. Find time in your
busy lives to pause a while.
Week 1 Listen to Birdsong
Stop and listen. Can you hear birdsong? Most birdsong ceases by the autumn, but the
robin is one species that continues to sing its melodies throughout the year. Pray for
A Rocha UK’s Partners in Action who are taking practical action to boost local
populations of vulnerable species