Caring for God’s World


World in our handsAs a church we have pledged to do all we can to reduce our “carbon footprint” and promote greater awareness of environmental issues.

We pledge to:

1. Introduce regular “Green Top Tips” in newsletters and communications.
2. Through a recent environmental audit reduce the impact our building has on the environment .
3. Use low energy lighting and reduce emissions from our heating system.
4. Use local suppliers for church events to reduce transport costs and emissions.
5. Reduce water consumption.
6. Re-cycle all waste where ever possible.
7. Work towards Eco Church recognition.

A Rocha Eco Award

Our church has gained the Silver Award for it’s environmental credentials. But for the fact that the church building has absolutely no insulation we could have gained the gold award as we made really good progress in all other aspects of the award scheme. We review our progress annually to make sure we maintain our efforts to have as little detrimental impact on the environment as possible.

IPCC Report   November 2018

The United Nations International Panel on Climate Change has recently given a stark warning that world wide efforts to reduce carbon emissions are not on track to prevent global warming passing 1.5 degrees by 2035. We are already seeing ever greater changes in the worlds’ climate, more frequent extreme weather events and continuing melting of polar ice caps. Even our own Government’s Climate Change Committee has reported that towards the end of this century low lying coastal communities are at severe risk of flooding from rising sea levels.

They go on to state that it is no longer up to governments to take action, we as individuals must do more. Less meat (its production so often relies on soya bean feed grown in Amazonian rain forests  which are so important in capturing carbon), fly less (jet plane emissions at high altitudes are frighteningly damaging to the atmosphere) travel less (and make our next car an electric one to reduce the emissions from petrol and diesel) and rely on renewable energy so carbon fuels can be left in the ground. Politicians are constantly seek greater economic growth, greater wealth for already wealthy nations and votes. WE ALL NEED TO LIVE MORE SIMPLY IN ORDER THAT OTHERS MAY SIMPLY LIVE.

As Christians we are but guardians of a beautiful but fragile world God has given us. We are not being good caretakers.